FAQ: How Do You Put A Jet Pump On A 50 Horse Mercury?

How does a Mercury jet drive work?

Jet Advantages. Water is drawn into the unit through the intake grill by an impeller, driven directly by the engine driveshaft. The water is then forced at high pressure through an outlet nozzle, creating thrust that drives the boat forward.

How does an outboard jet drive work?

In the simplest of terms, a jet drive simply replaces the traditional propeller as the mode of propulsion. Water is pulled into the bottom of the jet pump and dispersed through the exhaust port. This exchange of water is what propels the craft forward.

How fast will a 50 hp Mercury go?

The Merc has a top speed of 50 mph. The 1999 Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 has a 2 stroke 50hp Mercury.

How much does a 400 hp Mercury outboard cost?

The Mercury Racing 400R starts at about $35,000. For more on outboards, read: Best Outboard Engines.

How often should I change impeller on outboard?

All impellers should be changed at a minimum of three years. Some will not make it that long depending on many things, how often it is used too little and it will deform and tend to dry rot. Use it alot and it will wear out from spinning around in it’s housing.

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How much does a new impeller cost?

The impeller should run around $30/40 and take about 25 minutes or so. The hardest thing is getting the speedo tube back in place. Just apply greese on the bolts and impeller shaft and jog the propshaft and it should go smoothly. The last one I had put in my 50 hp Merc 4 stroke was about $125 installed.

How do I know if I need to replace my impeller?

A boat impeller needs to be replaced if its vanes are slightly melted or have cracks in the roots, or worn off. Yet, many experts suggest yearly replacement as a general rule regardless of its condition, but you can do it whenever you see any visible loss OR do it yearly for peace of mind.

What are the cons of a jet boat?

Some of the disadvantages of jet boats and jet skis include:

  • They Are Twice as Loud When You Cross The 30 MPH Threshold.
  • Jet Skis and Jet Boats Can Suck Up Foreign Objects in Shallow Water.
  • Used Jet Skis Can Come with A Ton of Problems.
  • See Doo Boats Would Get Rusty Rings and Housings.

Can you convert prop to jet drive?

Many boaters prefer to convert their standard propeller driven outboard to outboard jet drive. Jet boats are able to travel across shallow sections of river without damage to the drive. This can be done with an outboard jack plate or transom bracket.

Do jet drive outboards have reverse?

– There is no reverse. -You lose about 15% max power compared to a prop. -You should consider a tunnel hull if you go jet.

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Are jet boats more fuel efficient?

At cruising speed the outboard manages 5.0 mpg, 25 percent better than the sterndrive and 52 percent better than the jet. We don’t have a good explanation for this beyond the fact that the sterndrive boat weighs 600 pounds more than the outboard, and the jet drive system is less efficient than the outboard’s propeller.

Can a jet boat be left in the water?

You can leave in the water but should have shore power connected if leaving in the water for any substantial period of time like over a week. Taking the plugs out is a good idea. You should rinse them off after every use to make sure crud and buildup does not lock them in place over time.

Are jet drives better than prop?

Jet drives are certainly safer than props from an embarkation/disembarkation point of view for water skiers and wakeboarders, in as much as the engine can safely be left running at all times without the risk of anyone being seriously injured by the incased impeller.

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