FAQ: How Many Horse Can Ford 8 In Rear End Handle?

Are Ford 8 inch rear ends any good?

They’re tough, a variety of gear ratios are available, and they look good without all the brackets and bolts other rears have. But there is an alternative to the 9-inch-its sibling, the Ford 8-inch. And, in some cases, it may be a better choice.

How much horsepower can a 9 inch rear end handle?

Sure a 9 inch can handle 400+ horse in a car.

How much HP can a built 7.5 rear end handle?

Weak pinion gears. The 7.5 can take about 250 hp with a auto trans and last a good long time.

What is so special about the Ford 9 inch rear end?

The Ford 9-inch is desirable because it has a removable carrier, which allows quick rear end changes. Many racers carry an extra carrier assembly with a different rear end ratio so they can try different combinations on the same day while at the track.

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Are all Ford 8.8 rear ends the same?

First appearing in 1977, the 8.8 is found in almost all Ford V8 cars from ’86 on, and in V6 Rangers and Explorers. There are 24 different Fords that offered the 8.8 rear axle. The 31-spline axles (1.29 inches in diameter) are more desirable but far less common.

How do I know if my Ford 9 is a big bearing?

Many internet sources will claim that the bearing size can be reliably determined by the size of the T-bolt nuts used to secure the bearing retainer plate to the housing. It is said that small bearing housings always use a 9/16 socket size, while the big bearing housing use 11/16 socket size on the retaining nuts.

How much power can an 8.8 handle?

Dead stock (31 spline version, which is what the Explorer has) it can handle up to about 400 rwhp as long as you’re not on DR’s or Slicks.

How much HP can 28 spline axles handle?

Thanks! they will handle about 450hp depending on whether or not you are running slicks, and how old htey are, and if they show signs of twisting.

How much horsepower can a Ford 8 inch handle?

An 8 inch Ford rear axle was designed for use behind 6 cylinder and low power 8 cylinder engines. 175 hp to 275 hp max, with tor questions to match. The 409 engine your friend is installing will probably make 350 to 400 hp, and a lot of torque.

How much HP can a 10 bolt rear end handle?

Here’s what I’ve been lead to believe: 7.5” 10 bolt GM rear: It will take up to about 450 HP IF the axle tubes are welded to the housing and either a differential cover with preload bolts is installed or straps are installed over the carrier bearing caps along with longer bolts.

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How much horsepower can a GM 7.5/10 bolt handle?

You can make a 10 bolt last with 1000hp or you can destroy it with 170hp. It all depends on how you plan on using that 500hp. If power shifting, clutch drops, or 4000rpm stalled launches with slicks are in your plans then plan on getting another rear end.

What is the best rear end for drag racing?

Ford 9″ – The Ford 9″ is definitely the most popular of the rear ends in drag racing. It offers good strength characteristics and the largest variety of gear choices. The thirdmember type center section allows a racer to have multiple gear ratios available and is much easier to change than a rear loading type rear end.

Are all Ford 9 third members the same?

All 9 inch Ford chunks will fit all 9 inch Ford housings. There are many different yokes that have been used on the 9 inch over the years. The most common one is the short truck yoke. As far as I know all of the after market yokes are the short truck design.

How much HP can a 12 bolt rear end handle?

The 12 bolt is usually good to around 600 HP. You should be fine with it at 500 HP and the automatic.

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