FAQ: How To Feed Horse Alfalfa Pellets?

Do you need to soak alfalfa pellets for horses?

The pellets can be fed dry, but many horses prefer them to be soaked in water and fed as a mash. For young horses, old horses, and those with dental issues, soaking the pellets first may be a necessity. Horses can be sensitive to diet changes, so always make any diet change slowly.

Can you feed a horse just alfalfa pellets?

You can add alfalfa pellets or cubes to a grass hay diet for the same effect. Alfalfa is also suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers, because the extra calcium acts as a buffer against stomach acid.

Will alfalfa pellets put weight on a horse?

Alfalfa is higher in calories and protein than grass hays, which makes it an excellent choice to help to add weight to a thin horse. Introduce it slowly, one pound (dry weight) per feeding, up to 0.5 percent of your horse’s body weight.

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How do you prepare alfalfa pellets?

The classic way to process fresh alfalfa is that putting the alfalfa into the drum dryer, adjust the temperature to 200-900 degrees centigrade and wait for about 3 minutes, the alfalfa will be alright for making alfalfa pellets. The temperature of the drum dryer should be decided according to degree of alfalfa wilting.

How long do you soak alfalfa pellets for horses?

I have found alfalfa pellets need to be soaked in between five and six hours to fully break down. In the winter months, I soak them overnight so they are ready to be fed the next day. However, this is not possible during the warmer months in Arizona due to pellets getting hot and molding while being soaked.

How much alfalfa pellets should I feed my horse?

should eat approximately 16 pounds of alfalfa cubes per day. Horses are individuals, and their diet should be adjusted based on their fitness level and body condition. If you notice your horse losing weight, feeding 1.5% of its body weight in alfalfa increase the volume of cubes you’re feeding.

Why is alfalfa bad for horses?

Excess protein, like excess energy has been implicated as a cause of developmental orthopedic disease in growing horses. 3. Alfalfa hay contains too much calcium and/or magnesium a. The high calcium level causes a high calcium:phosphorus ratio which may contribute to developmental orthopedic disease b.

Can alfalfa pellets cause colic?

If proper management strategies are in place, feeding large amounts of alfalfa pellets should not be a problem. Any feed material can cause a digestive impaction if it is consumed rapidly. However, poor quality alfalfa pellets or a rapid change to an alfalfa pellet diet can contribute to colic symptoms.

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How much alfalfa should I feed my horse a day?

How much alfalfa hay do you feed a 1,200 pound horse and how often? Horses can normally eat 1.5-2% of their body weight in hay, which equates to 18-24 lbs. of hay per day.

How many alfalfa pellets equal a flake?

It largely depends on the weight of alfalfa cubes. Generally, alfalfa cubes are about 5lbs heavy so one alfalfa cube is equal to the 5lbs flake (the default size of a flake is 5lbs).

How do you slim down an easy keeper horse?

A combination of diet and exercise is needed to shed extra weight from the easy keeper. Weight loss can only be accomplished by reducing the number of calories going in and increasing the number of calories expended. One of the best options for weight loss is regular exercise, provided the horse is sound and healthy.

Do alfalfa pellets go bad?

Heat processed feeds typically have a longer storage length (think hay or alfalfa pellets) due to the fact that the heat kills off some bacteria. Generally, experts accept that commercial pellets are viable for about six months. Textured feeds are best used within three months of manufacture date.

Is alfalfa cubes bad for horses?

Alfalfa cubes can be used effectively as the sole source of roughage for all classes of horses. Because of the high nutrient values for energy, protein, calcium, and vitamins, alfalfa cubes are very effective in feeding programs for broodmares and young growing horses.

Do you soak alfalfa pellets for goats?

No, you don’t need to soak them, I’ve never done that and never had a problem. Some horses you do soak them for as they will eat too fast and choke on them but, not goats.

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