FAQ: How To Measure Horse Blankets?

How do you fit a horse blanket?

It is essential that a blanket should fit well on the withers and shoulders so that your horse can move freely underneath the fabric without the blanket slipping back. Adjust the buckles and ensure you can still slide your hand down the neck of the blanket.

What does 200g mean in horse blankets?

Provides some warmth but not a lot. 200g Fill (medium): A medium turnout rug contains 200-250 fill. Great for mild-chilly nights if you clip your horse and chilly nights if your horse has its natural coat. 300-400g Fill (heavy): A heavy turnout is made for the coldest conditions. Temperature Chart.

How should a winter horse blanket fit?

The best way to put a sheet or blanket on your horse is to tie or cross-tie him or have someone hold him so that his movements are limited. Fasten closures by working from the front to the back, starting at the chest closure and working toward the belly surcingles and finally the leg straps.

What size fly sheet for my horse?

Use a tape measure (the soft and flexible sewing kind, not the stiff construction kind) and a friend to measure your horse from center of his chest, across his shoulder, barrel and rump to the center of his tail. This number in inches will tell you a starting point for fly sheet and blanket size.

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How do I know if my horse blanket is too big?

The bottom hemline of the blanket should hang somewhere above the horse’s knees and hocks, but low enough that the bottom of the belly is not exposed when viewing from the side. If the blanket hemline falls at or below the horse’s knees and hocks, it is too big.

What if my horse blanket is too big?

Too Large: A blanket that is too big for your horse can move around on his body, causing a potentially unsafe situation if he steps on it or gets his leg caught in a strap. If you are finding you have to adjust the chest buckles so wide that your horse is not completely covered, then your blanket does not fit properly.

What is a turn out blanket for a horse?

Turnout sheets are designed for horses to wear for protection from wet weather or mud during cool temperatures. They are usually too warm for horses to wear during hot, summertime temperatures, but they don’t provide warmth in cold temperatures.

Can you put two blankets on a horse?

To the question, “Must I blanket my horse?” the short answer is ” no.” The horse generates his own blanket—a haircoat that is long enough and thick enough to withstand the coldest days of winter. It’s an adjustable covering that flattens against or elevates above the skin as the horse grows warmer or cooler.

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