FAQ: How To Tell Size Of Horse Saddle?

How do I identify my saddle?

Look under the flap for the name, country of origin, and any identifying serial number. These often are stamped on the sweat panel or under the leg flap near the girth straps. Common saddle brands are Crosby, Kieffer, and Steuben, but there are many others.

What size saddle does a 14.2 horse need?

if you have a long leg then a 18inch but your 14.2hh may be too short in the back and may need a 17inch, might get away with a 17.5 inch.

How do I identify my Simco saddle?

To check Simco Saddle serial number, examine back, skirts, fenders, jockeys, and underneath the flap leather. The location of the saddle serial number is different on older and newer models. Depending on the model’s age, the saddle serial number is either sewn, engraved, or stamped on the plate.

How do you know if a saddle is good quality?

Check the quality of leather that the saddle is made from. Look for good-quality leather that is thick and pliable when you touch it and bend it. Avoid saddles that have thin, flimsy leather or have texture similar to cardboard or paper, which is common with cheap saddles.

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What size saddle do I need for a 15hh horse?

Scapular to last rib 47cm/18 ¼” when you take off 5cm/2” for shoulder movement, that gives you 42cm /16” very small space for a saddle on a 15hh horse. 16.5” saddle set as far back as it can go without going past the last rib.

Can a saddle be too short for a horse?

A saddle can’t really BE too small for a horse – yes it can look like a pea on a drum, but as long as it is big enough for a rider it matters not.

Where should a saddle sit on a horse?

Saddle positioning

  • The saddle needs to sit 2-3 fingers behind the shoulderblade and its muscles (see picture below).
  • The saddle must nowhere touch the spinal processes, or the dorsal ligament system.
  • The saddle should not extend over L3 (3rd lumbar vertebra).

Is Simco a good saddle?

Still rides like a quality Simco saddle, comes with a set of rawhide wrapped Oxbow stirrups- heavyweight- not cheap- they are in fairly good condition-a little dry but solid. Nice contesting saddle for the budget minded person- Still a quality saddle for a bargain!

Are saddle King saddles good?

Unusually, for a Western saddle manufacturer, King make synthetic saddles. Now, these are not to everyone’s taste as they lack some of the traditional “look” of Western riding, but they are strong and durable, and carry a much smaller price tag than their leather counterparts.

How do you read a Circle Y serial number?

Format: There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the model number. The bottom line is the serial number and will begin with the year of production. (This is the number to type in the search box to the right.)

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Do you buy a saddle to fit the horse or the rider?

As well as fitting the horse, it’s important that the saddle fit the rider. A saddle that is too small will cause discomfort as you bump against the pommel at every stride (believe me, I’ve been there) A saddle that is too large will have you swimming around trying to maintain your position.

What is the best saddle for a beginner rider?

Shopping for your first saddle? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Henri de Rivel Lumina Close Contact Saddle.
  • Collegiate Lectern Dressage Saddle.
  • Pessoa Gen X Elita II Saddle.
  • Wintec 500 Flocked All Purpose Saddle.
  • Bates Caprelli Close Contact+ Saddle CAIR.

How much should I spend on a saddle?

When you are looking to purchase a saddle you can usually expect to get what you pay for. The average cost of a horse saddle is around $500. However, the price range for different saddles varies greatly, from $100 for a cheap saddle to $8000 or more for a high end or custom made saddle.

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