FAQ: War Horse Chapters 9 And 10 Why Was Joey And Topthorn So Happy?

Why were Joey and Topthorn happy about how their summer was going?

Why were Joey and Topthorn happy about the way their summer was going. They liked staying at Emilie’s house because she cared for them.

How did Joey and Topthorn feel that summer?

How did Joey and Topthorn feel that summer? To pick up the wounded soldiers.

Why did Emilie die soon after the horses were taken?

When the German soldiers come to take supplies, she hides the horses but they are ultimately found and taken taken away. Unfortunately, Emilie dies in the end due to her terminal illness.

What did Herr Hauptmann want to use Joey and Topthorn for?

Herr Hauptmann, a limping German officer covered in bandages, orders his men to take good care of the horses. Although Hauptmann wants to keep Joey and Topthorn for his Regiment of Lancers, a doctor insists that the horses be used to haul stretcher carts to retrieve the hundreds of wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

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How did Joey feel about topthorn?

To top it off, Joey shows remarkable compassion when Topthorn is ill, doing all he can to comfort him. How? By “nuzzling him and licking him to try to keep him warm and to reassure him that he was not alone in his pain” (12.11).

How did Emily lose Joey?

10. How did Emily lose Joey? Joey and the other horse are taken away from her by the German soldiers, she dies later in the movie.

How did Joey notice topthorn was failing?

Joey notices that Topthorn’s health is failing when he starts having trouble pulling the gun, and when he starts lying in the mud having coughing fits. When he is inspected by a vet, the vet protests to the spectacled officer that Topthorn is too fine to pull a gun and that he needs rest.

How was Joey transformed before going to war?

how is Joey transformed before going off to war? Joey was transformed from a farm horse to a war horse.

What do the soldiers talk about while they are trying to free Joey?

another person who brought a pair of clippers and he helps him free the horse 39. What do the soldiers talk about while they are trying to free Joey? how the soldiers English is good and what life is like in the opposing sides trenches 40.

How did topthorn die?

Joey and Topthorn are two of the last few survivors of the artillery-pulling team. One day, after drinking water with Joey, Topthorn dies from heart failure. The Allied artillery starts shelling right after the Germans and Friedrich is killed.

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Does War Horse have a sad ending?

By the end of the film things have gone so badly – again, it’s completely a descent into hell – that we’re up for any kind of happiness. The film rewards us, and the happy ending isn’t overblown or ridiculous – Joey doesn’t end the war – but it is deeply gratifying and satisfying.

Why does Heinie die War Horse?

By Michael Morpurgo The horses have to work in horrible conditions, trudging through deep mud that rubs raw the skin on their lower legs. Both Heinie and Coco are killed, Heinie by illness and Coco by flying shrapnel.

How did the trenches help the soldiers in War Horse?

They used the horses to carry the higher-ranking soldiers around when leading the army in the front line. Trenches provided soldiers a place to sleep and helped to cover them from raids and attacks. Bombs had to have soldiers that had good aim to hit their targets.

What happens in chapter 13 of War Horse?

Chapter 13 – Joey and Topthorn, though weak, survive into the spring. The fighting on their part of the battlefield grows quiet, but it heats up elsewhere. Joey and Topthorn regain their strength when they are allowed to roam in meadows and eat the delicious grasses and plants that grow in them.

Why did Joey and Albert remain in France for a month after the war ended?

Why did Joey and Albert remain in France for a month after the war ended? They had to wait to buy tickets home together. Albert was afraid to go home to his father. They both liked living in France better than England.

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