How Do You Get A Horse In Majora Mask?

How do you get to Lon Lon Ranch in Majora’s Mask?

In order to get to Romani Ranch on the First or Second Day you’ll need to blow up the boulder that’s blocking Milk Road. You can do this by using a Powder Keg, but you need to get permission before you’re able to buy them.

Do you keep Epona in Majora’s Mask?

Epona at the Romani Ranch Now you can take back your beloved Epona, as she is required to get to the sea area. For this, you need to be on the first day (not night) and have a Powder Keg with you.

How do you break the boulder in Majora’s Mask?

Once you’ve determined his location, return either to the Goron Graveyard (where you got the Goron Mask) or the hole you unfroze on the third platform on the Road To Goron Village (whichever is closer). Grab some Hot Spring Water, return to the correct boulder, break it with a Fire Punch and thaw the Goron Elder.

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How do you get the code in Majora’s Mask?

The last Bomber can be found in the Laundry pool area in a box. Go in and break the box with you attack to stun him then you can catch him. After you catch them all they will tell you the code, which was 12453 for me.

Where is the milk bar in Majora’s Mask?

In Majora’s Mask, the Latte Milk Bar is found in East Clock Town and opens at ten at night. It can only be accessed by members.

What time do the aliens come in Majora’s Mask?

“They” arrive at the ranch on the night of the First Day at 2:30 a.m. in waves coming from a shining ball.

What happened to Epona in Majora’s Mask?

Epona reappears as a filly in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, in which she accompanies Link on his journey, only to be kidnapped by a creature called Skull Kid. She is later recovered by Link at Romani Ranch within the parallel dimension known as Termina.

How do I get Epona back in Majora’s Mask?

To get Epona back you need to get a Powder Keg from the Goron Village to destroy the boulder blocking Milk Road. It’s a good idea to do this directly after finishing Snowhead Temple. To get Powder Kegs, complete An Explosive Exam.

How do I make Epona jump in Majora’s Mask?

Go to the Great Bay Now that you know Epona’s Song, go to Termina Field and play Epona’s Song, then ride Epona to the west side of Termina Field and use carrots to make her jump over the fence.

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How did Darmani die?

Biography. In life, Darmani III was a renowned Goron hero. On his way to the Temple, Darmani was knocked off the path and into the deep valley below by the blizzard caused by Biggoron and lost his life. In death, he was doomed to haunt his somber grave in the Goron Graveyard.

How do you learn the Goron Lullaby?

Switch to Goron Link and smash the snowball to reveal an old frozen Goron. Quickly use the warm spring water to thaw him out, and then talk to him. Keep talking to him, as a Goron, and after you mention that his son misses him, he will teach you the first part of the Goron Lullaby.

Where is the Goron graveyard?

The Goron Graveyard is a location in Majora’s Mask and is the resting place of the Goron hero Darmani, who died in the attempt to lift the curse of snow from Snowhead. It lies in the second region of the game Snowhead, more specifically on a cliff situated to the north of the Mountain Village.

What do I do if I forgot the code in Majora’s Mask?


  1. If you have forgotten your code all you need to do is pop the balloon in Northern Clock Town and catch all of the bombers again and they will tell you the code.
  2. If you forgot the Bomber’s Code, it should (and by should i mean will) be in your Bomber’s Notebook.

How do I turn back into Link in Majora’s Mask?

When you arrive back in the first day, go inside the lower entrance to the clock to encounter the Mask Merchant. He will see that you have the Ocarina and will teach you the Song of Healing, which will transform you back into Link.

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What do you do with the moon’s tears?

With the Moon’s Tear in hand, you can trade it to the Deku Business Scrub in South Clock Town to acquire the Town Title Deed, which is not only necessary for getting to the Clock Tower, but is also needed for the Business Scrub Scramble Side Quest.

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