How Much Horse Power Does A Hypercharger Increase On A Yamaha Vstar 650?

How much HP does a Hypercharger add?

Normally, replacing a stock air cleaner with a Hypercharger will net you a 7-9 horsepower increase at the rear wheel, with no other modifications! Add a carb recalibration kit, a good performance exhaust system (not drag pipes) and a 12-14 horsepower increase is normal.

How much horsepower does a Hypercharger give a motorcycle?

Hyperchargers usually cost under $300 and achieve a gain of 4-9 hp. They are also extremely simple to install, and require no modifications other than rejetting the carburetor.

How do I get more power out of my V-Star 650?

The intake on the V-Star 650 can be altered to increase performance. The easiest method is to install an aftermarket air filter to allow more air into the engine, thereby increasing power. You can also modify the air box to increase air flow.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha V-Star 650 have?

The V-Star 650 is rated at 40 hp and 37 lb-ft. These figures are not tire-smoking worthy but are the perfect vessel to start off into the cruising world with the V-Star’s mellow and linear power delivery. It is coupled to a 5-Speed gearbox that sends power to the rear wheel via a shaft drive.

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Do Hyperchargers actually work?

While hyperchargers offer great future savings when it comes to fuel-efficiency, the primary purpose is to increase the performance and give an increased power output. However, hyperchargers give a marginal increase in performance and might feel like an expensive after-market upgrade that does not meet expectations.

How do you adjust a Hypercharger?

After extensive searching online, it seems the easiest way to adjust the HC is to:

  1. hold the butterflies closed.
  2. turn screw in until you feel it hit the rod.
  3. adjust so butterflies stand about 1/8 inch open.

Can you put a supercharger on a motorcycle?

On a motorcycle application, a roots type supercharger can often make it’s full (peak) boost by 2000 engine rpm. The supercharger is typically driven directly from the engine’s crankshaft via a belt.

How fast is the Yamaha V Star 650?

At 85 mph and above, the vibration builds with a vengeance, blurring the mirrors. Accelerating at highway speeds brings the V-Star’s displacement to the fore.

How can I increase my bike engine power?

If you’re looking to get more power out of your bike, here’s what we suggest to get started:

  1. Increase Your Bike’s Air Intake.
  2. Upgrade Your Exhaust System.
  3. Plug-In an Aftermarket Tuner or Reflash the ECU.
  4. Install a New Jet Kit for the Carburetor.
  5. Modify Your Ignition.
  6. Order Custom Parts and Accessories.

Is the Yamaha V Star 650 fuel injected?

The 650 is air cooled and runs on 2 28mm MikuniĀ® CV carburetors, vs. fuel injection. You will probably want to use the choke on a cold engine.

Why is Yamaha vstar so cheap?

The reason most of these bikes are as cheap as they are, is because people start with them, then sell them and move up to bigger bikes. Personally, I think anything in the 450cc to 850cc would be fine. There’s not a lot of difference between Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, when you’re talking about these bikes.

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What is the difference between a Yamaha V Star 650 Classic and custom?

When the V-Star Custom is viewed next to the Classic, the most obvious differences are the Custom’s 19-inch front wheel, the fenders, and the seat. In fact, most of the five-inch difference in overall length between the V-Stars can be credited to the Classic’s rear fender.

What was the last year Yamaha made the V Star 650?

The Yamaha XVS650 is sold in the U.S. as the entry-level versions of the V-Star line. That line was offered from 1998 to 2008 in two different versions: the Classic and the Silverado. Both versions are built around the same 649 cc v-twin engine.

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