How To Check If Horse Trailer Is Stolen?

How do you check if my trailer is stolen?

If you get the serial number and ID number from the trailer (on the tow bar), they can tell you who the registered owner is (or was when it was first purchased), the colour, year of make and whether or not it is / has been stolen.

How do I know if my horse trailer is safe?

Watch for the following nine signs when you’re shopping for bumper pull horse trailers if you want to have the safest trailer on the highway.

  1. Excellent weight distribution.
  2. Brakes, brakes and more brakes.
  3. Bright, well placed lights.
  4. Insulation.
  5. Thick wall padding.
  6. Excellent ventilation.
  7. An escape route.

How do you inspect a horse trailer?

Begin by checking out the trailer’s interior:

  1. Get a feel for the overall space. Walk around inside the trailer to experience it as your horse does.
  2. Feel for rough spots.
  3. Check structural integrity.
  4. Operate all doors and windows.
  5. Test the footing.
  6. Test the ramp.
  7. Examine the padding.
  8. Check exterior surfaces.
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How do you secure a horse trailer from theft?

Security tips for horse trailers

  1. Get CCTV. Highly visible CCTV cameras are a strong deterrent.
  2. Use a security post.
  3. Invest in an alarm.
  4. Add a wheel lock.
  5. Buy a security chain.
  6. Put up warning signs.
  7. Make your trailer distinctive.

What do thieves do with stolen trailers?

Most thieves steal these items, because they are hard to trace and thieves can quickly and easily turn them into cash. Thieves can sell your trailer (or what was your trailer) in states that do not require a title at the time of sale, and they can sell your tools from the trailer at a pawn shop in another city.

Do Trailers get stolen?

— It’s a crime of convenience, but one that’s often well-planned. It’s stealing trailers for the trailer itself or what’s in it or on it. While the numbers are hard to track because trailer thefts may be put in different categories with different law enforcement agencies, thefts appear to be on the rise.

Which horse trailers are the best?

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

  1. Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer. Cimarron Norstar Horse Trailer – Image courtesy of Cimarron Trailers.
  2. Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer with Hay Pod.
  3. Platinum Coach Outlaw.
  4. Featherlite Country Estate Villa.
  5. Sundowner Special Edition Series.
  6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters.

Are horse trailers safe?

Horse trailers are extremely dangerous and it doesn’t take much to lose control of them. Always carry out stringent safety checks before using a trailer because otherwise it’s putting the horse’s life at risk.

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Are bumper pull horse trailers safe?

A correctly hitched bumper pull horse trailer is just as safe to haul as a gooseneck trailer. Accidents generally happen because of carelessness-not because of any fault with the trailer.

What do I need to know before buying a horse trailer?


  • Inspect the general condition of the Horse Trailer -sides, front and rear ramps, roof.
  • Look underneath for signs of woodrot or metal fatigue in the floor and ramp, especially the ramp top near the hinges.
  • Check the condition of the metal chassis.
  • Look at the way the trailer is sitting.

How do you know if a trailer is good?

Buying a used trailer: 10 things to check.

  1. Tires: look for cracks, plugged holes, matching size, and correct capacity.
  2. Brakes: ask the seller about the brake function on the axles.
  3. Bearings: this is also a good time to make sure the bearings are lubricated and seated properly.

How do you secure a trailer to the ground?

Here are five steps to deter theft.

  1. Trailer Wheel Lock. A trailer wheel lock or a boot lock locks the wheels, so they can’t be moved, essentially making it next to impossible to haul away the trailer.
  2. Install Trailer Couple Locks.
  3. Use a Chain and Padlock.
  4. Use a Ground Anchor.
  5. Get a GPS Asset Tracker.

Can you lock a trailer hitch?

Hitch locks are designed to stop thieves from stealing your trailer. A hitch lock keeps your trailer hitch and the receiver together until you unlock it, often with a key. These locks prevent anyone from lifting the receiver, and they won’t be able to un-hitch the trailer unless the lock is off.

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