How To Get Horse Black Desert Online?

When can I get a horse in Black Desert online?

Before you even consider this option, you must at least level 20. Attempting at a lower level will just result in nothing happening. Once you hit level 20, head to a Stabler. You’ll need to purchase lassos and carrots from this NPC so that you can go tame a wild steed.

How do I get my first horse in BDO?

Your first horse can be obtained in 3 different ways:

  1. You can buy a beginner horse (Tier 1) from a stable hand. This horse costs 15,000 silver and comes in either brown or grey depending on which emblem you purchase.
  2. You can tame a horse.
  3. You can wait and receive a free horse in your rewards.

How do you get mounts in Black Desert online?

after the level 15, you will get a main quest to get a mount icon. just talk with the stabler npc, click the register button and clock on the mount icon from your inventroy. 2. to buy mounts from the npc, while, as for the newbie to buy a mount with lots of black desert silver in the early stage is not easy.

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What is max level in BDO?

The Black Desert Online level cap is the same for all platforms. So as mentioned earlier the current Black Desert Online max level is Lvl 75.

How do you get lump sugar in black desert?

Buy Raw Sugar and Mineral Water from a food vendor then press the “Craft” button. Find “Heating” at the top of the screen using the LB/RB buttons, select the materials, then push “Start” to start making Lumps of Raw Sugar.

Where do you get mounts in black desert?

Obtaining a Mount

  1. tamed in the wild (horses tier 1-5) using the Training Skill.
  2. bought with money when buying the game or in the real-money ingame Pearl Shop.
  3. bought from other player via the ingame Marketplace.
  4. bought from other players directly via the Trade option.
  5. Bred from a breeding pair using the Stables.

How long does it take to transport a horse BDO?

Checked-in Mount/Ship Transport: Transporting a mount costs 1 million Silver and will take 10 minutes to complete.

How can I get silver in BDO?

Black Desert Online Best Ways To Earn Silver

  1. 1 Number 5: Horse Breeding.
  2. 2 Number 4: Fishing.
  3. 3 Number 3: Trade Runs.
  4. 4 Number 2: Life Skills.
  5. 5 Number 1: Grinding.

How do you make your horse faster in BDO?

You can increase the speed of your horse through horse gear and the riding crop.

Does Black Desert online have mounts?

There are various mounts in Black Desert Online, including horses, camels, elephants and donkeys. Players always want to get mount in BDO, for that they can use mounts for transport.

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