How To Start The Horse Farm In Big Farm?

How to get horseshoes in big farm?

You can get horseshoes by selling farm products at the Ship. You can train your horse at one of three courses to train strength, endurance, and agility. Training lasts for 4 hours. Standard training costs 10 horseshoes for every training point.

How do you make money on big farm?

Collect dung from Chicken coop, Cowshed and pigsty. Make fertilizer in the silo. Then, put fertilizer in the apple orchards and in cherry orchards. Harvest them and see you will earn handsome amount of Money.

How do you get village dollars in big farm?

You can earn village dollars by selling village products (from both factories), edge plants and by-products (clay, sand, rock) trough farm menagement.

How do you get water in big farm?

The only way to get water super fast is to buy it with gold. Flittermouse is right about the watermill on the gourmet farm giving water.

How do you get gold horseshoes in big farm?

There are a few different ways of getting golden horseshoes. Completing some tasks will reward you a small amount, challenging the three NPCs will also reward you some. But the absolute biggest rewards come from participating in the horse tournaments and challenging other players.

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How do you win big farm?

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Grow Your Farm

  1. Complete All The Missions.
  2. Continuously Upgrade Structures.
  3. Plant The Right Crops.
  4. Find An Active Co-Op.
  5. Link Your Facebook Account.
  6. Give Your Dog Some Treats.
  7. Maximize Your Farm’s Space.
  8. Check The Market For Orders.

How do you get more workers in big farm?

To get more workers, you will have to build new houses or upgrade existing ones. Sadly, building and upgrading houses will decrease your happiness meter.

How do you get building boosters in big farm?

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is feeling inspired. ➡️Tap on the building where you want to use your booster. Before starting a production, check out the menu bar. On the left side there is a button which opens the booster menu. Here you can select the booster you’d like to use.

How do you increase happiness in big farm?

Happiness increases when you place (and upgrade) decorations (or run the happiness farm machine) and decreases when you add or upgrade houses. Every process on your farm (planting wheat, starting pigs, etc) has a fixed cost. Happiness affects these costs. It has no impact on the cost of buildings or upgrades.

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