How To Take The Front Cover Off A Johnson 4 Horse Outboard?

How do you take the top off of a Mercury outboard motor?

How to Remove an Outboard Motor Cover on a Mercury

  1. Push down on the lever on the back of the cover to release the Mercury outboard motor’s rear latch.
  2. Grasp the top, front edge of the cover and swing the motor cover forward.
  3. Unhook the front edge of the cover from the motor.

What are Yamaha outboard cowlings made of?

A corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (YDC30, Al–Si alloy series) is used to produce this bottom cowling, which is located at the bottom-most part of an outboard motor’s engine case.

How do you remove the lower unit on a 40 hp Johnson?

Light Duty Lower Unit for Two-cylinder Motors Including 40, 48 and 50 HP Models. Remove the shift rod screw that protrudes from beneath the engine cover. Remove the lower unit bolt that’s threaded upward beneath the anticavitation plate in front of the trim tab with a thin-walled, 5/8-inch socket.

How do you remove a lower unit drive shaft?

Set the lower unit upright in a bench vise. Remove the four bolts holding the water pump together from the water pump housing with a socket wrench. Slide the impeller from the lower unit and slide them up and off the driveshaft. Pull the impeller plate off the lower unit and slip it off the driveshaft.

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