Often asked: How To Ask A Horse To Canter Western?

How do you cue a Western horse for cantering?

How to Canter Western

  1. Sit deep in your saddle with your hips relaxed and your heels turned down in the stirrups.
  2. Move your horse into a jog or trot.
  3. Squeeze with your calf or cue him to move into the next gear, which is the canter.
  4. Sit in your saddle and let your head and body move freely with your horse’s motion.

Which leg do you use to ask for canter?

To ask for a canter depart, the rider sits a little heavier on the inside seat bone, positions the inside leg at the girth and the outside leg just behind the girth. The horse should be on the outside rein with his head positioned slightly to the inside and bent around the rider’s inside leg.

Is cantering easier than trotting?

Once you are used to the rhythm, cantering is more comfortable than trotting. Not many people can run fast enough to lead you for your first canter, which also makes it much more exciting than the first trot!

How do you balance a horse in a canter?

Try riding a step or two of turn on the forehand at the walk before each corner to engage your horse’s inside hind leg for bending into corners. Add an extra step or two in each corner in your canter to collect your horse. Maintain the tempo and rhythm in your canter while adding extra steps between letters or markers.

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How do you sit a canter on a bumpy horse?

The are lots of other people on here who can give more technical advice but basically you need to half halt (sometimes quite firmly), sit tall (don’t lean back) and keep your leg on. Give clear squeezes on the outside rein to stay ‘slow down’ but keep your legs on to stop the horse dropping to trot.

How do you canter for beginners?

Sit a few beats. Slide your outside leg (leg facing the wall or fence) behind the girth and apply pressure with both legs (or heels if the horse is reluctant). Your inside leg stays on the girth. This encourages your horse to begin the canter with the hindquarters and correct lead, and bend around your inside leg.

How do you ask for the right lead canter?

Check that you’re on the correct lead by:

  1. Keeping your head erect, but peek down at his front legs. If you’re on the correct lead, the inside front leg should reach further forward than the outside front leg.
  2. Make a circle. If you’re on the correct lead, the canter will feel balanced.

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