Often asked: How To Determine The Length Of Horse Reins?

What length reins do I need?

Depending if you have a horse or pony, a full size rein should be 1.5m in length and for a pony 1.3m. For jumping or flat racing the full size rein will need to be shorter in length to 1.4m, for when a shorter hold is needed. Most reins now are sold in four sizes: pony, cob, full and extra-full.

How long should English reins be?

The standard length of an English rein is 54 inches —you want just enough length that when you hold the buckle, the horse can completely relax and lower its head without coming to contact.

How long are pony size reins?

Pony reins are shorter than horse size reins, generally 48” long, often narrower and are available in rubber or soft grip styles. NEW!

How do I keep my reins short?

Here are some tips to help you keep your reins short: Keep you reins from getting long by keeping the rein pressed between your thumb and pointer finger. Pushing down with your thumb onto your pointer finger will keep the reins from slipping. This allows you to keep your reins short but still supple with your fingers.

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How are English reins measured?

Measure from the corner of your horse’s mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of his mouth. Browband. Measure from the outer edge of your horse’s ear, around the forehead, to the very outer edge the opposite ear.

Why are Western reins split?

They’re split because a working horse goes into some pretty dense country. A looped rein that snags on a passing bush can cause a situation to develop. But if you have split reins and one gets caught, you just let it go. You’ve got the other one to hold on to and then gather up the offending one after it comes clear.

What is the point of split reins?

Split reins: a rein style seen in western riding where the reins are not attached to one another at the ends. They prevent a horse from tangling its feet in a looped rein, particularly when the rider is dismounted. They are considerably longer than closed reins.

What is a Daisy rein?

The Shires Nylon/Elastic Daisy Rein is a useful aid for young riders that struggle when their pony puts his head down. The elastic insert ensures your horse/pony is comfortable throughout wear and is not fixed into a ‘set’ position. One size (adjustable).

How much do horses reins cost?

English: $20-$250+ The type of reins you buy are based on the type of riding you do. You may grab some of the standard flat laced reins if you’re riding English, or you might need barrel reins for barrel racing or split reins for some of the Western disciplines.

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How wide are reins?

1. Split reins come in a variety of widths, usually 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch, and it boils down to personal prefer- ence. The 1/2-inch reins might be perfect for someone with small hands, while someone with larger hands might want the 3/4-inch reins.

Where should your hands be when riding a horse?

Your hands should always be in the forward position encouraging the horse to work into the bridle from behind – remember the saying that your hand and lower arm belong to the horse, not you.

What does holding the reins mean?

: to be in control They held the reins of government/power.

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