Often asked: How To Get Tier 6 Horse Black Desert?

How do I upgrade my tier BDO horse?

Tier 9 and 10 horses are called Dream Horses and are not obtained by normal horse breeding or taming. Breeding Horses at the gives you a chance to gain a higher Tier horse. An increase in horse Tier usually means better base horse stats, but there are some exceptions, depending on your goals.

Whats the highest tier horse you can tame BDO?

The highest tier you can currently tame is tier 5. Sometimes they will have events where you can rarely obtain a tier 6.

How do I get a Tier 8 BDO horse?

You can obtain a Tier 8 horse in the following ways: 1. Horse Breeding –You will need a Male horse and a Female horse in a stable that allows breeding. Make sure that both horses have a breed count above 0, and ensure that they are fully recovered.

How do you breed a high tier BDO horse?

High-level horses give a better chance at getting a higher tier offspring. You can either breed your own horses, or breed your female with another player’s male horse. To breed your own, have both horses at the same stable and an empty 3rd slot. Choose the male and select Register at Breeding.

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Where can I buy high tier horse in BDO?

Finding Wild Horses

  • West/North of Heidel. These areas are highly contested and you are unlikely to find much horses.
  • South of Olvia.
  • South of Glish.
  • East of Trent Up the Mountains.
  • Southeast of Calpheon, in between Marni Cave Path and Marni Farm Ruins.
  • South of Epheria Port.

How can I increase my horse speed in BDO?

You can increase the speed of your horse through horse gear and the riding crop.

How do you tame a horse in BDO 2020?

How To Tame a Horse. When you make it to a horse hot spot, equip your capturing rope and aim it at a horse to capture. Once you have sneered a horse, it will prompt you to a minigame where you will have to press the space button at the blue designated area on the board.

What tier are wild horses BDO?

Tier 1 Horses: T1A, T1B. Tier 2 Horses: T2A, T2B. Tier 3 Horses: T3C, T3F.

How do I get a Tier 9 BDO horse?

You can get a maximum of 180% exp in a training area, which give you a 90% chance of getting that particular horse. To awaken the horse, you will need a total of 200% training across all training areas. For Example: 60% exp in Skill Training + 100% exp in Elegance Training + 40% exp in Strength Training = 200% total.

Should I brand my horse BDO?

Black Desert Warning: do not buy Brands for horses they only give you skills sooner not more! The brand only helps you get it sooner per level.

What level should you breed horses BDO?

The horse level highly affects the results. I recommend leveling both horses to level 30 before breeding them if you want the best results. The horse tier will also affect the results and you should try to breed two horses of the same tier to get the highest results.

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How many horses can you have in BDO?

You can keep up to three horses in stables.

How many skills can a horse learn BDO?

Horses have a chance on learning a skill every time they level up. Its all RNG, so some horses might get 10 skills, while others just get 5. The higher the tier, the higher the chance it learns a skill.

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