Question: How To Get Hawaiian Horse In Family Farm?

How do you get op on family farm?

You can get more OP by buying them in the Store. Tap on the Store icon, select Farm Aids on the left hand side and then select the Automation tab.

How do you get free RC on family farm?

You can get free RC in the following ways:

  1. Connecting to Facebook. When you log in to Facebook with your game for the first time, you will get 3 RC for free.
  2. Daily Login Bonus.
  3. Level up.
  4. Achievements.
  5. Green Mystrons.
  6. Fortune Wheel.
  7. Facebook Fan Page.
  8. Fishing.

How do you get the Blue Mystron in family farm?

Blue Mystrons can be obtained from:

  1. Order Board.
  2. Coffee House Quests.
  3. Some Discount Decorations.

How do you use Farmium in family farm?

Close the Laboratory and tap on the grey bar on the bottom of your screen to open the Tech Tray. Here you can choose the Tech you want to activate. To use and power your Techs you require a special chemical substance, Farmium! Open the Daily Quest Chests to collect Farmium.

How do you make money in Family farm Seaside?

Family Farm Seaside Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Run a Prosperous Farm

  1. Maximize The Available Space.
  2. Always Produce Some Goods.
  3. Sell Goods For The Highest Profit.
  4. After Reaching Level 10, Focus On Finishing Quests.
  5. Register Every Single Part Of Your Farmstead.
  6. Never Forget To Collect Fruits From Trees.
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Where is the mystery store in family farm?

Overview. The Mystery Store is accessible from the Store in the top left corner. It contains a Coins store as well as tabs for 6 other special currencies, the 5 different Mystrons and Boat Tickets. Each tab contains some form of premium content that is otherwise less or inaccessible without the Mystery Store.

How do you get more TC on Family Farm Seaside?

There are two ways to get TC. The first way is to finish orders from Guests at the Guest Center. The other way is to exchange RC for TC, by tapping on the ‘+’ icon beside the TC icon on your game screen.

What is wild hunger on family farm?

Zoology gives you the ability to have an animal produce very fast without eating anything. You can also get rare animal materials and special recipes for the Stove House. The first Zoology Tech is called Wild Hunger. This will make an animal produce automatically for a period of time for free.

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