Question: How To Get More Diamonds In Horse Haven?

How do you earn gems on Horse Haven?

These are the best ways to obtain Common Jewels in-game.

  1. Mine and Mini Mine. Both Mine and Mini Mine can “find” common jewels, depending on the level.
  2. Purebreeders Society.
  3. Milestone rewards in Steeplechases.
  4. The Horse Wrangler.
  5. Befriend a Fantasy Wheel.
  6. Spending diamonds.

How do you level up fast in Horse Haven?

Tip: To level up quickly, feed your horses a lot. You will get the most player EXP from feeding the horses as well as completing the quests.

How do you get a Tier 2 horse in Horse Haven?

Tier 2

  1. Tier 2 is achieved through breeding.
  2. Exception: Occasionally a promotion will offer a pair of Tier 2 horses that can be purchased with real money.

How do u get diamonds in Horse Valley 2?

Diamonds (also known as gems) are a currency in Horse Valley 2, and are an alternative currency to coins. Unlike coins, diamonds are considerably more difficult to earn. The only ways that a player can earn diamonds is by earning them through the login bonus or buying them with Robux.

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What is the fastest way to get money on Horse Haven?

How to Get Coins in Horse Haven World Adventures

  1. You can buy Coins directly from the Shop.
  2. Daily rewards will get you Coins.
  3. Steeplechases.
  4. Inviting friends to play the game.
  5. Tap your main farm building to collect Coins over time.
  6. Leveling up.

How do you get free diamonds on Horse Haven?

How to Earn Diamonds in Horse Haven World Adventures

  1. The easiest way to get Diamonds is to purchase them from the shop, though they will cost real money.
  2. A free way to get Diamonds is to level up, as you’ll get up to 10 per level.
  3. Completing Achievements also gets you Diamonds.
  4. Daily Rewards sometimes give Diamonds.

How do you get more friends on Horse Haven?

How do I add friends in game? A. If you have a specific person in mind, you both have to connect your games to Facebook and be friends on Facebook. The game will automatically add you to each other’s friend lists.

How do you get exclusive horses on horse Haven?

Exclusives are often available to be bought with real money, won from the Horse Racing leaderboard and earned by different methods of gameplay, such as collecting and exchanging Derby Points during Derby Events, collecting and exchanging Special Quest tokens, and collecting puzzle pieces to unlock Breeding Recipes.

How do you get a Tier 4 horse?

Tier 4

  1. A black leopard horse can be obtained by pairing a grulla/grullo tovero horse with a black Minecraft horse and having them breed.
  2. A black tovero horse can be obtained by breeding a bay tovero horse with a black Minecraft horse.
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How do you get the constellation horses in horse Haven?

Each Constellation Horse is only able to be obtained by purchasing or by a specific cross-breeding during the zodiac sign period it stands for. But once you get the horse, it will stay in your stable for good. The Constellation Horse Event kicked off on July 30th, GMT, 2015, with the Leo I Horse as the leading breed.

What is the fastest horse in horse Valley 2?

It’s the fastest in the game, only requiring 450 XP at the final level. The Arabian horse was one of the first three breeds that were available when Horse Valley 2 was first released. The Arabian costs the same amount as the Clydesdale and Friesian, being 38,400 coins.

What is the fastest way to get money in horse Valley 2?

Currently farming is the most consistent and easy way of earning coins, mainly due to how quickly crops grow and how well they sell for. In addition to farming, players can forage from trees with an axe to sell off any wood or apples they drop, or sell fish that they get from fishing.

What is the best horse in horse Valley 2?

Trivia. It’s the easiest horse to train in Strength, costing only 478 XP at the final level. The Clydesdale is currently the largest breed in Horse Valley. The Clydesdale costs the same amount as the Arabian and Friesian, being 38,400 coins.

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