Question: What Chapter Of As I Lay Dying Is Jewel’s Horse Talked About?

Does Anse sell Jewel’s horse?

Late in the day, Anse returns to announce that he has purchased a team. He explains that he has mortgaged his farm equipment, used some money that Cash was saving to buy a gramophone, used some money from his own false teeth fund, and traded away Jewel’s horse.

What is there about Jewel’s horse that suggests power?

Jewel and his horse add a new wrinkle to the use of animals as symbols. To us, based on Darl’s word, the horse is a symbol of Jewel’s love for his mother. For Jewel, however, the horse, based on his riding of it, apparently symbolizes a hard-won freedom from the Bundren family.

Why does Darl say Jewel’s mother is a horse?

Darl’s taunt that Jewel’s mother is a horse indicates that Jewel devotes all the love he possesses for his mother on the horse. Darl’s realization that he cannot love his mother because he has no mother is also a perceptive realization that will become clear later.

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Does Jewel love his horse?

He’s rough with the horses, but that’s what tames them. His abilities set him apart from the others in the novel, establishing Jewel as a loner – as if we didn’t know that already. Interestingly, Jewel’s love for horses isn’t that different from the way he feels about his mother.

Who sells jewels horse in As I Lay Dying?

When Anse ultimately trades Jewel’s horse in for a new team of mules, it is as though he is trying to strip Jewel of his independence and make him feel a sense of duty to the family.

Why did they put Addie in the coffin backwards?

The family has laid Addie into the coffin backward to accommodate the flared bottom of her wedding dress, with her feet in place at the head end, and there is a mosquito net over her face to mask the drilled holes.

Who does Vardaman blame for Addies death?

Vardaman runs out of the house and begins to cry. He sees the spot on the ground where he first laid the fish he caught, and thinks about how the fish is now chopped up into little pieces of “not-fish” and “not-blood.” Vardaman reasons that Peabody is responsible for Addie’s death and curses him for it.

Did Jewel give up his horse?

Finally, Jewel is forced to give up his horse in order to complete the family’s quest to bury Addie where she wants to be buried. When he does so, Jewel’s act symbolizes a recognition that his mother is truly gone.

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What is Dewey Dell’s secret?

Dewey Dell leaves Moseley’s without any medicine. She tells Vardaman to keep the burning barn events a secret. She calls for Jewel when he runs to the coffin by the fire. She changes clothes on the side of the road before arriving in Jefferson.

Why does Vardaman drill holes in his mother’s coffin?

First of all, Vardaman didn’t know he was drilling through her face; he was only trying to drill through the coffin. He thought his mother was still alive. If she’s still alive, then she needs air, and she can’t get air when the coffin is nailed close over her. So the answer is to put some holes in the box.

Why does Vardaman think his mother is a fish?

Vardaman is referring to his mother, who has died. He’s not trying to be all profound and metaphorical; instead, he has such a poor understanding of death that he literally thinks his mother is now a fish, since her coffin floating in the river reminds him of his encounter with a dead fish earlier in his life.

Why does Darl go crazy in As I Lay Dying?

Gillespie’s barn, leads the readers to conclude that Darl is insane. His insanity is closely knitted with a major mental illness of the time Faulkner was writing; Faulkner implicitly states that Darl suffers from PTSD. The novel, As I Lay Dying, was written right after the First World War.

Who is older Jewel or Darl?

Jewel The violent son, who owns the horse and who is ten years younger than Darl.

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Why does Jewel sell his horse?

Because Jewel is unable to express his love for his mother, he substitutes all of his love for the horse. In fulfillment of Addie’s prophecy, it is Jewel who saves her from the water and the fire, and he is her salvation since he sells his horse in order to complete the journey.

What does the coffin symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

The coffin symbolizes the sense of weight and lack of balance (literally and figuratively) that the Bundrens take on by carting Addie all the way to Jefferson to be buried.

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