Quick Answer: How Much Horse Power To Rebuild A 4.7 Dodge Chysler Engine To?

How much horsepower can a Dodge 4.7 make?

The middle engine is a 4.7 liter V8 that makes 310 horsepower and 330 pound feet of torque. While that’s fairly powerful, this engine’s gas mileage leads many reviewers to recommend the third engine; a 5.7 liter Hemi V8, which makes 390 horsepower and 407 pound feet of torque.

How can I get more power out of my 4.7 Dodge?

If you want to upgrade the performance of Dodge 4.7L V8, you can try installing a cold air intake system. If the engine takes in more cold air, the performance will increase. In this process, more cold air from the outside gets in. You already know that warm air is less dense where cold air is denser.

Is the 4.7 V8 a good engine?

But in fact, the 4.7L V8 PowerTech is a pretty good engine with simple and durable design. It has a strong cast-iron block and bedplate, a minimum number of electronic systems to fail, and reliable timing chains.

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How much horsepower does a 4.7 V8 make?

Specs of The First Generation of the Dodge 4.7 Engine For this engine, the bore by stroke is 3.66 by 3.4 inches, while the compression ratio is 9.5 to 1. This first-generation engine’s maximum speed is 6,000 rpm. Additionally, the top horsepower is 235 at 4,600 rpm.

What goes wrong with 4.7 Dodge engine?

The Dodge 4.7 engine has been known to have head gasket problems. While it usually occurs with age and mileage, other problems may cause the head gasket to blow prematurely. Overheating in the engine can cause excessive damage to the head gasket, leading to a blown head gasket eventually.

Is the Dodge 4.7 a Hemi?

The 4.7 is not the hemi. 4.7 Liter Next Generation/Corsair V8 Engines (Dodge – Jeep) For model-year 2008, Chrysler adapted lessons from the 5.7-Hemi to the 4.7, and power shot up from 230 hp to 290 hp; gas mileage went up, and vibration went down.

Can a 5.7 Hemi fit in a 4.7 truck?

You can do it, yes. Lots of WTF in this thread so far. It’s not plug and play with your 4.7 PCM. It would be best go get a wrecked 5.7 donor truck, so you can get all the mounts, wiring, and PCM from it.

How many miles will a Dodge 4.7 engine last?

The interval on the timing chain is something like 250,000 miles. This engine is built to last, as long as you maintain it.

Is the 4.7 a bad engine?

Additionally, the Chrysler 4.7L Magnum V8 is about 12 to 20 years old now. All engines are prone to faults are failures, especially with age and mileage. Gaskets, hoses, seals, etc can harden and crack with age. Point is – don’t expect the 4.7L PowerTech to be as reliable as newer engines.

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How durable is the 4.7 V8 engine?

As stated, the 4.7 is a good engineif maintained correctly. Some inherent issues are present (cooling, valve cover leak, exhaust manifold, battery harness) and if taken care of, the engine will be strong well past 200K miles.

Is a 4.7 Dodge motor A 318?

No. They both run on unleaded gasoline, and they both have 8 cylinders. Those are the only things that they have in common.

Is the Dodge 4.7 a pushrod engine?

The 5.9 and 5.2 are definately wedge motors so in that since I guess the 4.7 is more of a Hemi, but a hemi it is not. The new 5.7 (true) Hemi is actually closer to the 5.9 in its design. It is a pushrod motor very similar to the current 5.9 with better heads.

How many spark plugs does a 4.7 Dodge engine have?

There are 16 of them, plus the leads from the dual coils. That engine has 16 spark plugs, 8 on each side of the cylinder head. It is an Ambassador Dual-Ignition 8.

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