Quick Answer: How To Change Your Horse In Battlefield 1?

How do you kill a horse in bf1?

So if I see a horse I jump at the chance to kill them. Get there attention by firing a few shots, toss a stick of dynamite and back off a little. Without doubt the over confident horseman will come charging. Then just expose them, one stick will kill horse and the rider.

Which Battlefield game has horses?

Horses are unique in Battlefield 1. While they might not be as sturdy as tanks, they’re still effective in close-quarters combat. Their speed and agility means they can trample enemies under their powerful hooves, and they’ll get you close enough to slash them down with a saber.

What vehicles are in battlefield1?

Vehicles of Battlefield 1

  • Bomber.
  • Behemoth.
  • Mark V Landship.
  • C-Class Airship.

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