Quick Answer: How To Install An Impeller On A 20 Horse Mercury Outboard?

Can you put an outboard impeller in backwards?

When an impeller is running backward, the centrifugal forces will still accelerate the water—although far less efficiently. If the impeller is threaded to the shaft, it may unscrew when running backwards. This however will break the impeller if you turn the pump while it is spinning backwards.

How often should I change impeller on outboard?

All impellers should be changed at a minimum of three years. Some will not make it that long depending on many things, how often it is used too little and it will deform and tend to dry rot. Use it alot and it will wear out from spinning around in it’s housing.

What happens if impeller is backwards?

If the impeller runs backwards, the liquid is still discharged from the pump. This is due to centrifugal forces that move the fluid in the normal direction. The risk of reverse rotation is higher when putting in a new pump system, or replacing parts.

How do I know if I need to replace my impeller?

A boat impeller needs to be replaced if its vanes are slightly melted or have cracks in the roots, or worn off. Yet, many experts suggest yearly replacement as a general rule regardless of its condition, but you can do it whenever you see any visible loss OR do it yearly for peace of mind.

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Can you put a boat propeller on backwards?

The forward edge of the blades indicates the direction of rotation. Also, the propeller turned backwards makes the boat go aft. There is no way to make a propeller go forward turning it in the oposite rotation.

How much does it cost to replace a impeller?

The impeller should run around $30/40 and take about 25 minutes or so. The hardest thing is getting the speedo tube back in place. Just apply greese on the bolts and impeller shaft and jog the propshaft and it should go smoothly. The last one I had put in my 50 hp Merc 4 stroke was about $125 installed.

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