Quick Answer: How To Run A Charity Horse Race Night?

How do you host a charity race night?

How to Race Night using Money

  1. Step 1: Race Sponsors and naming the races.
  2. Step 2: Runner sponsors and naming the runners.
  3. Step 3: Pay for your Race Night.
  4. Step 4: Admission tickets, posters and advertising.
  5. Step 5: The ‘Betting’
  6. Step 6: ‘Lucky Dip’ tickets.
  7. Step 7: Auction of the Runners.

How do charity race nights work?

A race Night consists of 8 to 10 races, attendees receive a race card upon arrival listing all the race information. They can then place bets on the horses and receive tote tickets. Race Nights are covered by The Gambling Commission Act, all monies raised must be given to a worthwhile cause e.g. a charity.

Do you need a gambling Licence for a race night?

You can run a race night for charity without a licence from us. However, you must make sure you follow the rules for the type of activity you want to run. None of the following exemptions for these forms of gambling can be carried out remotely, for example over the internet or social media.

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How do you organize a virtual race night?

For a night of fast-paced fun on Zoom.

  1. Start a Zoom meeting. Start a zoom and invite your mates!
  2. Create a Race Night Meet. Get your mates to join the game by pointing their phones at the QR code, or visiting a special link.
  3. Get your bets on. Place your bets, watch the races and see who comes top of the leaderboard.

What is A Night at the Races fundraiser?

Night at the Races is usually made of up 10 races, with an auction race at the end. Entertainment Unlimited will: Provide a caller for the race while the horse race runs on a big screen. We’ll do it all, so you can enjoy your event with your guests.

How does an online race night work?

A race night consists of eight races with eight horses per race. The race goers receive a race card on arrival. They place bets on their chosen horse/s and receive tote tickets. I use a computerised tote system which calculates the odds and payouts before each race starts and speeds up the process.

How do you run a Tote?

The easiest way to do this is to make a simple Tally. Write the numbers one to eight down the left hand side of a sheet of A4 paper and put a tick next to each number every time you sell a ticket. Do this for every race. When the Tote closes you can quickly add up the number of bets placed / tickets sold.

How does Macmillan race night work?

Horse Racing Night is a virtual night at the races. We’ll send you pre-recorded horse races for you to pick and cheer them on to the finish line with friends and family. We have two different race packs on offer and you will receive both when you register.

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Can you run a raffle without a licence?

If you are running a raffle where tickets are not sold before the event, it falls under the terms of an ‘incidental lottery’. As such, you will not require a licence or any specific permissions. However, you must adhere to the following rules: All tickets must be sold at the location during the event.

Can I run a raffle on Facebook?

You may have seen lotteries or raffles being promoted on social media such as Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that they are being ran legally. This includes raffles and tombolas, making them a form of gambling too. Lotteries cannot be run for private or commercial gain and most can only be run for good causes.

Is it legal to hold a raffle for personal gain?

A lot of raffles will not be suitable for people to use if they’re trying to turn a profit. Lotteries, and therefore raffles, can only be run in order to make money for good causes and not for private gain.

How do you do a virtual race?

5 Easy Tips for Hosting a Virtual Race

  1. Decide on Virtual Race Details and Goals. Start simple.
  2. Set Up Registration and Race Platform. Your next easy step will be setting up your registration system for runners and payment platform.
  3. Design Your Race Day Swag.
  4. Promote Your Virtual Race and Mission.
  5. Execute and Enjoy!

How does a virtual horse race work?

Virtual Racing is a visual representation of a computerised random number draw. The odds of the different horses (or dogs) are created by having the horses with the lower odds have more numbers in the draw than horses with higher odds.

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