Quick Answer: Rdr2 What Happens To My Old Horse When I Get A New One?

How do you keep the old horse in rdr2?

Head back to a town with stables, and remember to bring your old horse back with you if you want to keep it – either by lassoing it, getting close enought to focus on it with L2 and commanding it to follow with the button prompt, or whistling for it while nearby, again getting it to follow you.

Where did my old horse go rdr2?

If you just don’t know where you’ve left your horse, you can go into the pause menu and select your map. Then if you press square on PS4 and X on Xbox One, you can bring up the index and the second icon down will be Arthur’s Horse. Moving down and selecting that icon will warp your map to where your lost horse is.

Can you lose your main horse rdr2?

Yes, you can lose your horse permanently in Red Dead Redemption 2, even when you have unlocked all bonuses from reaching maximum bond.

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Can you hook your horse to a wagon RDR2?

1 Answer. No there is no ability to hook a horse to a wagon.

What is the fastest horse in RDR2?

Setting you back $950, the Missouri Fox Trotter is the fastest horse in Red Dead Online. With some rather impress stats, the Missouri Fox Trotter would most definitely be our top pick as an alternative to the Arabian’s hefty price tag.

Can I have 2 horses in RDR2?

Currently there is are no known ways to take two horses from your stable. But you can still enjoy the benefits of having two horses.

How much do horses sell for in RDR2?

Stolen horses will earn you about $10 or so (that increases a lot if you’re bonded to the horse) and wagons earn you a bit more.

Can you keep horses at Beecher’s Hope RDR2?

Beecher’s Hope also has a number of places to explore. The bathroom in Beecher’s Hope will allow you to change clothes and shave. There is a campfire that you can craft and rest at. Your horses will also rest at this stable and can be accessed from this part of the ranch.

Can you get Arthur’s horses back as John?

No. You lose any horses Arthur had at the end of Chapter 6, even those stored in the stable. It may be possible to re-tame the white Arabian with John (I’ve heard that it respawns in the epilogue, but I’ve never tried it, myself).

Can you get Arthur’s hat as John?

Towards the end of the mission one of Micha’s boys tackles John making him drop Arthur’s hat.

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How do you get Arthur’s weapons back?

When you get to the epilogue, you automatically retrieve Arthur’s guns, clothing, etc. while his money, food and whatnot are gone. They did this is to make it fit in with the story considering John and his family live poorly and often apply for bank loans in order to build their home up in Beechers Hope.

Can you revive a dead horse in rdr2?

If you horse does die, you will need to revive it using a special item. The quickest way to revive your horse is to use the horse revive tonic. This tonic can be purchased at numerous vendors across the map. You can find Horse Revive tonic at the different stables in the game.

Can your horse die of old age in rdr2?

Turns out, the explanation is sound when it comes to life in the old west, as a horse was about as valuable to you as money itself. credit//Rockstar Games. Persistent horse death is a brutal touch, given what we know about how you build a relationship with them.

Can you save your horse rdr2 ending?

You will lose all of your horses though, but you will get horses via the story. You’ll also get a decent horse near the end that will work well, but I went ahead and bought and broke other horses that I preferred. Eventually you’ll also get all of your horse gear back too.

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