Quick Answer: What Causes A Horse To Go Swayback?

Can a swayback horse be ridden?

In fact, horses with lordosis can continue to live productive lives. Broodmares can safely and comfortably carry foals. Lordotic horses can also be ridden. They may not be suitable for high performance but otherwise can work within the limitations of their fitness level.

Can you correct swayback in horses?

Swayback or lordosis is weakening of a horse’s supporting ligaments along the spine. Lordosis can’t be completely cured, but horses with swayback can remain active well into their older years if you take steps to strengthen the back with muscle-building exercises.

What causes extreme swayback in horses?

Lordosis, commonly known as ‘swayback’, is the weakening of a horse’s supporting ligaments along the spine. Many different causing factors can lead to swayback such as genetics, age, conformation, pregnancy, excessive strain on the back and/or a lack of exercise.

Does a sway back hurt a horse?

Swayback, also known clinically as lordosis, refers to abnormal bent-back postures in humans and in quadrupeds, especially horses. Extreme lordosis can cause physical damage to the spinal cord and associated ligaments and tendons which can lead to severe pain.

Can a sway back be corrected?

How is a swayback treated? In the absence of any other health conditions that may be a contributing factor, swayback posture can be treated by lengthening tight muscles, such as your hip muscles and hamstrings, and strengthening weak muscles, such as your abdominals.

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Is swayback hereditary in horses?

They found that lordosis is a genetic fault, where one or two thoracic vertebrae at the withers are wedge-shaped, rather than the normal square block shape they usually are. It is these malformed vertebrae that are responsible for causing the swayed appearance of the horses back.

How do you saddle a swayback horse?

We recommend trying a Cordura or flex tree saddle, which are significantly lighter than the traditional leather with a wood tree combination. Your saddle pad is also a crucial part to fitting your swaybacked horse. You want to avoid your saddle leaning against your horse’s withers or against the rear dip of his back.

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