Quick Answer: What Is Maximum Horse Power Outboard Engine For 24 Foot Pontoon?

How big of a motor can you put on a 24-foot pontoon?

Based on the previous information, most 24-foot pontoon boats would do just fine with a 150HP motor. The best performance, however, can be achieved with a 175HP or, better yet, a 200HP outboard motor.

Can you put a 150 hp motor on a pontoon boat?

The typical entry-level performance pontoon is a tritoon with a 150HP engine. This combination is a good place to start if you’re on big water or have a large crew.

How much horsepower can a pontoon boat handle?

Final Thoughts. The engine power on most pontoon boats will range between 40hp to 300hp.

What’s the biggest motor you can put on a pontoon?

115 hp is the maximum horsepower that my pontoon boat is actually rated for. The speed difference in the upgrade from 90 hp to 115 hp was roughly 3 mph (4.8 kph).

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Is 25 hp enough for pontoon?

Most commercially accessible pontoon boats tend to average between 18 and 25 mph, although there are a few very quick production boats on the marketplace, plus some altered ones that have recently set world records. But generally speaking, the 18 to 25 mph range is what you’ll be looking at.

How fast can a 115 horsepower pontoon boat go?

You could go as fast as 25 miles per hour on a standard pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine and a medium load. A 30-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine can go up to 15 miles per hour.

How fast can a 150 hp pontoon boat go?

Average 150 HP pontoon boat speed – 33 to 39 mph.

How low should a motor set on a pontoon boat?

A boat rigger’s rule of thumb is that the motor can be raised one inch for each eight to 10 inches of distance between the transom and prop. As the prop moves further aft, it’s also likely to be in cleaner, “harder” water, and be more efficient.

How fast will a 24 foot pontoon boat go?

A standard 24-foot pontoon boat with a 115 hp engine and a medium load should be able to get to speeds of 25 miles per hour.

Can a 115 hp pontoon pull a tube?

If your pontoon boat has a 115hp engine, you’ ll likely be able to tow tubes or ski even with a full boat. It won’t be as much of fun as with only 4 or 5 people, but you’ll be fine.

How much does the average pontoon boat cost?

Let’s break down how to make that dream a reality. The average cost of pontoon boats ranges from $15,000 to upwards of $175,000. The price will vary greatly depending on factors like size and accessories. We will break down how each choice may affect pricing below.

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Will a 40 HP pontoon pull a tube?

Can you pull a tube with a 40 HP pontoon? While a 40 hp engine might be okay to push a pontoon boat around the lake for a leisurely ride, it’s not going to be strong enough to pull most skiers. … This size motor will give you plenty of speed for towing tubes, as well as pulling most skiers and wakeboarders too.

Why is my pontoon so slow?

Probably the simplest overall fix for a slow pontoon boat is trimming up the engine a bit. Trimming the engine up means the engine is physically tilted to a higher angle using the hydraulic motor on the boat. Doing this will bring the front of the boat a bit out of the water and improve the performance of the boat.

How much horsepower does a 16 foot boat need?

For a standard 16-foot aluminum boat, a 60 horsepower motor will suffice. On average, it can have a speed of about 25-30 miles per hour. The load of the boat matters because it affects the speed. Depending on who is inside and what is loaded, the speed varies every time you will use this motor.

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