Quick Answer: Where Is The Mechanic In Roblox Horse Valley?

How do you farm on horse Valley on Roblox?

Planting and Watering A player watering pumpkins. A seeded field. To plant seeds, simply equip the seeds in your inventory and click on the field. After planting, water your seeds after you plant them and remember to water every 24 hours in game unless it’s raining, the rain will water your crops.

What is the max swiftness in horse Valley?

Each horse’s swiftness capability can vary at Level 40 (MAX). Currently the Clydesdale is the fastest horse in the game with it’s training XP requiring 765 XP on its final level.

How do you craft in horse Valley?

To craft, players must have material in their inventory. To get material for crafting, players must cut down trees. Visit the carpenter to craft items.

How do you get more tasks on horse Valley?

Eat Like a Horse Find some hay around the valley or buy some snacks at Charlie’s Store.” This task is only triggered once your horse has low hunger. Inside of the stable, there is a pile of hay. Press E on it, and than equip it from your inventory.

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What is the fastest horse in horse Valley 2?

It’s the fastest in the game, only requiring 450 XP at the final level. The Arabian horse was one of the first three breeds that were available when Horse Valley 2 was first released. The Arabian costs the same amount as the Clydesdale and Friesian, being 38,400 coins.

What is the best horse in horse Valley 2?

Trivia. It’s the easiest horse to train in Strength, costing only 478 XP at the final level. The Clydesdale is currently the largest breed in Horse Valley. The Clydesdale costs the same amount as the Arabian and Friesian, being 38,400 coins.

How do you discipline a horse in horse Valley 2?

To increase the discipline of a horse, the player must collect EXP stars in the circular facilities.

How do you discipline a horse in horse Valley?

In order to train your horse in discipline, head over to discipline training area outside. The discipline training area is identified by a round enclosed area with nothing inside it. Stars appear inside the round fence once a player enters and requires the player to collect the stars.

How do you become faster in horse Valley?

When you level up from barrel races your horse speed will become faster. When training for discipline, you need to go to the circle shaped arena located behind the arena with the barrel racing, and collect each star.

What is the max level in horse Valley 2?

Alike all horse stats, the maximum level is 20 (previously 40).

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How do you get diamonds in horse Valley 2?

The only ways that a player can earn diamonds is by earning them through the login bonus or buying them with Robux. Diamonds can be spent on accessories for horses. You can also spend diamonds to create a riding club, by speaking to the Mayor.

What is the fastest way to get money in horse Valley 2?

Currently farming is the most consistent and easy way of earning coins, mainly due to how quickly crops grow and how well they sell for. In addition to farming, players can forage from trees with an axe to sell off any wood or apples they drop, or sell fish that they get from fishing.

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