Readers ask: Beyond Two Souls How To Get On Horse?

How do you calm the horse in Beyond Two Souls?

After lunch, head to Jay and start to train Ashkii. Walk slowly to the horse, but when it begins to stir and rear, back off until it calms down. Switch to Aiden, and you can possess the horse to move it to the pen.

How do you possess someone in Beyond Two Souls?

Pushing the sticks towards each other will silently choke an enemy out. Pulling the sticks apart allows you to possess an enemy. Possessing an enemy allows you to control that character, and opens up new gameplay options through quick-time events.

Could you have saved Paul in Beyond Two Souls?

Depending on how successful Shimasani and Jodie’s re-enactment of the ceremony that summoned YĆ©’iitsoh is, and how well Aiden and Jodie battle the entity, Paul may or may not be killed. However, you can use Aiden to heal him before the ceremony to keep him alive.

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Can you sleep with Jay in Beyond Two Souls?

He is the second character who can sleep with Jodie. There’s not much evidence of it, but in the ending with Jay, they are shown sleeping together, both in their underwear. This indicates they had intercourse beforehand.

Can you save Shimasani?

Regardless of the outcome of the ritual, Shimasani dies, and is buried in the sacred grounds of the Navajo. Her son, Paul, will be buried alongside her if he is not saved by Jodie.

Who is Aiden Beyond: Two Souls?

Aiden is an Entity that has been linked to Jodie Holmes since birth. They are connected by an Ethereal Tether, that can be seen when switching to Aiden’s view. This tether acts as a spiritual link between them that keeps Aiden bound to Jodie.

Is it better to play Beyond: Two Souls remixed?

Definitely remixed. The original is incoherent mess of child-aduld-child-adult jumps which makes the whole story very confusing without any sense of plot continuity. Also it’ll be easier for platinum because you’ll skip very long chapters like Navajo when replaying for some trophies.

Who is the girl at the end of Beyond: Two Souls?

Zoey (born on December 16, 2011) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the daughter of an Unnamed Man and Elisa (known as Tuesday).

How do you fight Beyond: Two Souls?

To perform an attack, you need to pull both of the sticks back, while holding down the L1 button, and release both of them at the same moment (while still holding down L1). Sometimes, you will not be able to pull back the two blue dots to the maximum. In such a situation, release both sticks and give it another try.

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Should I kill Norah Beyond: Two Souls?

Yes. Norah counts for the trophy, you can either kill or leave her in a coma like state. Although killing her actually feels like you’re saving her from suffering in a sense.

How many endings does Beyond: Two Souls have?

There are 11 endings for Beyond: Two Souls. Although the game is full of choices, the ones that truly matter are tied to the life and death of the people you have met along the way. Below we have a list of all 11. However some people have been able to get the trophy to unlock with fewer endings.

Does Cole always die in Beyond: Two Souls?

Only you and Ryan can continue forward, but Cole isn’t dead. You healed/saved him by using Aiden on his wound.

Does Jodie sleep with Ryan?

He had a wife. As of the chapter The Dinner, they had been separated for two years. Jodie can sleep with Ryan. This can only happen if she did not stay in the Red House Bar in the chapter Like Other Girls.

Is there romance in Beyond: Two Souls?

Are there romances available in Beyond: Two Souls? Yes, Jodie may have a romance with one of the two men who appear in the course of the game, namely Ryan or Jay: Ryan appears for the first time in The Embassy chapter, while The Dinner chapter is more interesting in terms of romance. Ryan is a CIA agent.

What happens at the end of Beyond: Two Souls?

To get the final ending, Jodie must die. During the final events of Black Sun, two dangerous entities will attack her. Do nothing and she will be killed. Following that event, she will begin seeing people just before getting to the console.

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