Readers ask: What Movie Had A Horse On A Diving Board?

Did the horses really dive in Wild Hearts Can’t be broken?

Six horses in all were in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Four were trained to dive. While the real Sonora’s horses dove forty feet, the horses that made the picture never dove over ten feet, which is the maximum that American Humane Association’s Guildelines will allow. The horses always jumped on their own.

Is Wild Hearts Can’t be broken a true story?

“Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” tells the true story of Sonora Webster, an orphan from rural Georgia who became a featured attraction at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier, diving from a 40-foot-high tower into a tank while astride a horse.

Did people really dive with horses?

A diving horse is an attraction that was popular in the mid-1880s, in which a horse would dive into a pool of water, sometimes from as high as 60 feet.

How old was Gabrielle Anwar in Wild Hearts Can’t be broken?

The actress who portrayed Sonora, Gabrielle Anwar, was 21 at the time of filming, but c’mon — aren’t we made to believe that Sonora is more like 15?

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Is Horse diving cruel?

We know from past horse-diving events that horses suffer bone fractures, internal organ damage, bruising, and leg, spine, and other injuries. Horse-diving at the Steel Pier was stopped in 1978, but it was briefly revived in 1993. Steel Pier’s then-owner, Donald Trump, canceled it because it was cruel to animals.

Is Horse diving still exist?

The act was a permanent attraction in Atlantic City, New Jersey until 1978, when pressure from animal rights activists and declining interest led to its closure. Horse diving, however, does still exist.

How deep is a horse diving pool?

The horse diving show ran anywhere from two to six times a day, seven days a week. According to Women of Age Riding Horses, the show featured a 40-foot wooden ramp, from which the horse and rider plunged into a pool of water 11 feet deep.

How long is Wild Hearts Can’t be broken?

Thrilled by a performance she sees at a fair, Sonora (Gabrielle Anwar) tries to land a spot as a daredevil who rides horses off of high dives. With the help of Al Carver (Michael Schoeffling), whose father runs the show, she works toward her goal.

When did they stop horse diving?

Horse-diving continued until 1978, when pressure from animal rights groups forced organizers to shutter the show. In 1994, Donald Trump’s organization, which owns Steel Pier now, attempted to bring back the act by featuring diving mules and miniature horses, but public protests once again brought the act to an end.

Would a horse jump off a cliff?

An inexperienced horse likely will not. Probably not. You can likely scare one off a cliff, but they’re not just going to up and jump.

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When did the diving horse stop?

The diving horse act in Atlantic City ceased in 1978 – because of finances, not animal-rights issues, according to historians. It was revived briefly in 1993, but was stopped quickly again amid a backlash from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as well as other activists.

What year was the movie Wild Hearts Can’t be broken?

Sonora is permanently blind because of the dive. She breaks up with Al and alienates everyone for a bit. Then she decides that she will dive on horses again. She practices and finally gets out there and does her job blind.

Did Al and Sonora have children?

She was a sensation and soon became the lead diving girl for Doc’s act as they traveled the country and the first diving girl quit. Sonora fell in love with and eventually married Doc’s son, Albert (Al) Floyd Carver, in October 1928.

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