Readers ask: Where To Find A Toy Horse In Fable 3?

Where can I buy a toy bow in Fable 3?


  • Try Aurora. There is a shop that sells misc.
  • I have found that any gift you are asked for is either in your inventory or somewhere far away.
  • This is another good reason to buy the stall/shops, so when you have buy something some of the profits come back to you.
  • Also try the cemeteries.

Where can I buy a ragdoll in Fable 3?

There is a gift store in Aurora that sells them.

How do you get the porcelain doll in Fable 3?

As for the porcelain doll, you won’t just find it in random houses like the toy gun. Your best bet is to search through the Sunset House and Reaver’s Manor.

What is the best job in Fable 3?

Step #1: Blacksmithing is the most efficient job.

How do you give gifts in Fable 3?

Walk up to, and face, your co-op partner. You should see a ‘LB’ prompt for ‘Give Gift’.

How much money do I need in Fable 3?

You’ll end up being 2.4 Million Dollars in the hole if you go with all the Good choices. This means you’ll need 8.9 Million Gold to save everyone.

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Can you save Elise in Fable 3?

After rescuing her, he will have the choice of telling her to be his, for her to go to Laszlo or stay silent. However, if you tell Elise to return to Laszlo, this gives you +100 good morality; if you keep Elise for yourself, this gives you -100 morality, and if you offer “no comment” your morality remains unchanged.

Do you earn money in Fable 3 when not playing?

You do not get offline gold anymore. That was in Fable II, not in Fable III. Currently, you only get rent income during the 5 minute updates during non-paused time.

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