Readers ask: Who Makes Galvanized Steel Horse Trailers With Wood Flooring?

What are the best quality horse trailers?

10 Best Horse Trailer Brands for Horse Owners

  1. Sundowner. Website:
  2. Featherlite. Website:
  3. 4 Star. Website:
  4. Trails West. Website:
  5. CM. Website:
  6. Exiss. Website:
  7. Titan. Website:
  8. Merhow.

What kind of wood is used for horse trailer floors?

Wood Floor: Most wood floors in new trailers are pressure treated 2×6′ southern pine wood planks. Pine does not warp over time such as oak and is a lighter weight. There are various grades of pine.

How long do wood floors last in a horse trailer?

If you are careful to sweep out the manure and bedding after using the trailer, a wooden floor will last many years. I have a 16 foot stock trailer that we have used to haul cattle with for about 25 years, and the floor is still in good shape.

Are Logan horse trailers good?

An efficient leaner Logan sticks to what they do best, galvanized steel frames, aluminum skin and good looking value. Bottom line, “beauty of aluminum and strength of steel.” One of the few composite trailer brands that can go head to head with high end aluminum trailers for longevity.

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What happened to brenderup horse trailers?

Brenderup will no longer be doing business or building trailers, in the USA. Some current dealers MAY still be importing trailers into the USA, but they will be passing on the extra costs to the buyer.

Do horse trailers have to stop at weigh stations?

As a general rule, you should stop at weigh stations when pulling a horse trailer if the road signs or station personnel require you to do so. And CDLs are necessary if your horse trailer has a GVWR of more than 26,000 lbs or if you make a commercial profit from your horse trailer.

What is the best floor for a horse float?

In short, your treated pine floor will resist rot better but may become brittle with age. A floor of white pine is more prone to rot if areas get wet and stay wet, but its longer-term strength is better. Either way, remove mats and give it a thorough test.

Do Bison horse trailers have wood floors?

My thanks to each of you for sharing your knowledge and experiences to help us new folks out. Bison uses treated wood floors in the horse area on the alumasport and the living quarters is either plywood or osb not sure which. So they are two seperate floors and can be replaced one at a time.

How thick should a horse trailer floor be?

You need the 18mm thickness better 25mmm. Never use marine ply it is very slippery and degrades quite quickly with horse urine.

Is aluminum flooring safe?

Aluminum oxide finished flooring, it sounds scary and harmful, but really, it’s both very safe and durable! That’s because flooring with an aluminum oxide finish has a hard, scratch resistant layer and is often well-tolerated, even by chemically sensitive people.

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What is Keruing timber?

Latin Name: Dipterocarpus Spp Timber contains Oleo-Resin, which exudes normally from end grain. Keruing is available in sawn sizes or machined to standard half lap profiles for truck flooring.

Can you use plywood for horse trailer?

Don’t use plywood, even the pressure treated types. It will not wear well and as noted, does not allow drainage. What about Rumber? I think if I had to replace a floor, I would seriously look at this material.

Are Logan horse trailers steel or aluminum?

All Logan’s feature galvanized steel chassis, either aluminum or galvanized skin and triple wall construction.

What is a combo horse trailer?

The Sooner Ranch stock combo models are perfect for livestock and/or horse owners who need a versatile trailer. These trailers combine the rugged aspects of a livestock trailer with the conveniences of a horse trailer.

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