What Band Sings “horse With No Name”?

Who wrote a horse with no name?

Dewey Bunnell was just a 19-year-old British kid when he wrote America’s signature single, “A Horse with No Name.” Originally titled “Desert Song,” it was influenced by his childhood experiences in Southwestern America as the child of an American serviceman.

Why was Horse With No Name banned?

The song was actually banned on some U.S. radio stations because of its title and lyrics. ” Horse ” is a common street term for heroin. Dewey Bunnell and the other members of America completely denied any drug reference connected with the lyrics.

What is the meaning behind a horse with no name?

With its lyrics of feeling ‘good to be out of the rain’, the song was a metaphor for escaping the drudgery of everyday life in the city – not promoting drug use, as a Kansas City radio station that banned it wrongly assumed [‘horse’ being a slang term for heroin].

Who played bass on horse with no name?

“Horse” is slang for heroin, leading to myriad rumors (denied by the band) that the song was about drugs. Dewey Bunnell played 6-string acoustic guitar on this track; his bandmate Gerry Beckley played 12-string acoustic, and the third member of the group, Dan Peek, played bass.

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Is a horse with no name about drugs?

Reception. Despite the song being banned by some U.S. radio stations (such as WHB in Kansas City) because of supposed drug references to heroin use (“horse” is a common slang term for heroin), the song ascended to number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and the album quickly reached platinum status.

How old is Dewey Bunnell?

“Sister Golden Hair” is a song by the band America from their fifth album Hearts (1975), written by Gerry Beckley. It was their second single to reach number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, remaining in the top position for one week.

Who is lead singer of America?

Dan Peek

Who sang Ventura Highway?


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