What Do Hester From Rocing Horse Winner And Father From Eveline Have In Common?

What does Hester symbolize in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Symbolism In The Rocking-Horse Winner Hester is a good representation of greed, selfishness and being materialistic. She values money more than her children “She had bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them” (Lawrence, 295).

How would you characterize Paul’s parents in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Hester. Hester, Paul’s mother, is a deeply dissatisfied woman driven by an insatiable desire for money and success. She married for love rather than financial security, but now that the love between her and her husband has faded, she is left with a life much less luxurious than she would like.

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How does Lawrence describe the family in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

The opening paragraph of The Rocking-Horse Winner describes a family that is unhappy and troubled. In the first paragraph, Lawrence describes a woman named Hester who is unhappily married and has children that she does not desire or love.

How does Uncle Oscar and Paul’s mother compare as characters?

Uncle Oscar is drawing a contrast between the extraordinary luck of Paul’s betting the horses and the absence of good fortune with regard to his life—and the fact that Paul is now dead. It’s as if Paul has given his mother a gift by picking a winner but, at the same time, has sacrificed himself.

What is the irony in the rocking horse winner?

Situational irony occurs when actions have the opposite of an intended effect, precisely the problem that Paul, the prescient child of a greedy mother, experiences in D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner.” Paul uses his preternatural gift for picking winning horses to save a family already doomed by the

What is the rocking horse a symbol of?

The rocking horse can be said to symbolize childhood, for one thing. Nobody but a small child could ride a rocking horse without breaking it. It can also be said to symbolize an interest in horses and horse-racing. It certainly symbolizes or represents Paul’s anxiety.

How does Paul die in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

So, he collapsed, probably from exhaustion and fever, born from his obsessive hunt for “luck.” Throughout the story, he is so obsessed with making money that he stays up late in the night riding his horse, hoping for a revelation that will win his mother some more money.

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What is the problem of The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Expert Answers The main problem for Paul’s family in the short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is his mother’s inability to love. In the first paragraph of the story, Paul’s mother, Hester, is described as being a beautiful woman whose love for her husband has turned to dust.

Was Paul lucky in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Paul becomes fixated on being lucky —a luck he can only achieve through mad physical effort on his rocking-horse—in an attempt to quiet his house’s whispers about his family’s financial anxieties. But although Paul expends so much effort in the pursuit of luck, he is in the end very unlucky.

What is the name of the mother in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Hester is Paul’s mother, a middle-class woman with two other children as well. She is obsessed with appearances, and particularly with keeping up the appearance of being wealthier than she actually is.

What does the rocking horse in the story most likely symbolize?

The rocking horse can be said to symbolize childhood, for one thing. Nobody but a small child could ride a rocking horse without breaking it. Therefore it could be argued that Paul’s adventures with the rocking horse are an attempt to gain his mother’s love because everything else has failed.

What does Paul bring his mother and family luck?

Paul attempts to change his family’s luck by riding the rocking horse so that he can make them wealthy.

Who keeps Paul’s money from winning for him?

Colin Cavendish-Jones, Ph. D. In D. H. Lawrence’s short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” the gardener, Bassett, keeps Paul’s winnings safely stored for him.

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Who is the flat character in The Rocking-Horse Winner?

Hester = Paul’s mom is a hard working mom with a lazy husband. She is a flat character.

What is so special about Paul’s rocking horse?

Paul, Oscar, and Bassett use this “lucky” skill of Paul’s to win money by betting on horse races. Paul rides the rocking horse to make money in order to help make his mom less depressed by their financial situation.

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