Who Do I Call When Lydias Horse Dies?

What happens if your Skyrim horse dies?

Dead equals dead for most things except random mobs. So no, no new horses for you. However, you can buy a new replacement horse if you have a house with a stable and a steward in Hearthfire. Any horse you buy respawns at the same place it died.

Where can I find Lydia’s dead body?

User Info: darkportal785. Check the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. Her body should be there.

What do I do when Lydia dies?

Cast Dead Thrall on Lydia. Dead Thrall allows Lydia to fight with you until she’s killed. If she dies, cast the spell on her again to revive her.

Can you revive a dead horse in Skyrim?

You just have to open console, write resurrect 1 and click on the horse.

Can you get a free horse in Skyrim?

Normally a horse in Skyrim will cost you 1,000 Gold, or you’ll have to steal one.

Does Lydia stay dead?

Unlike some other followers, Lydia is not essential (immortal), and can be killed without you knowing about it.

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Where is the Hall of dead?

Whiterun’s Hall of the Dead is a location found in the city of Whiterun. It is located near the Temple of Kynareth and the House of Clan Battle-Born. The hall is primarily the residence of its caretaker Andurs, a priest of Arkay but also acts as a gateway to the Whiterun Catacombs, a mausoleum for the city’s dead.

Can I get a new Housecarl if Lydia died?

No they are gone for good but for a fee you can hire a follower that will follow you for a set amount of time. These followers are found on the roads of Skyrim, and usually in taverns such as the drunken huntsman up in Whiterun’s middle district.

How do I revive a dead follower in Skyrim?

7 Answers. There is no way to resurrect lost companions. Any NPC who dies is dead forever. There is No “legal” way to Do this.

Can you marry Lydia?

She can only be married once Breezehome has been purchased.

Where does Lydia go after you marry her?

PC 360 After marrying Lydia, she may exit the Temple of Mara during the ending script of the marriage ceremony. If she is not found outside immediately after exiting the Temple, she will be gone forever.

Why did Lydia die?

In the perfect act of revenge, Walt admits to Lydia that he dosed one of her Stevia packets with ricin, intimating that she poisoned herself when she self-administered the sweetener into her tea. It’s implied that she died, but it was never shown on-screen.

Can AELA die after marriage?

Aela can only be killed by you. Like all companions, other NPCs will only knock her out. If you deal the killing blow, however, she will die.

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